The House of Germany offers German language instruction to students between the age of 4 and 14. The classes are designed to improve German fluency, vocabulary and grammar as well as to teach reading and writing in German.

Deutsche Schule San Diego

German American School – the ‘Samstagsschule’ close to the Balboa Park.

The German-American School Association of Southern California offers classroom-based German language programs on saturdays to children ages 4 – 17 years.

Albert Einstein Academies (South Park)

Albert Einstein Academies encompasses two public charter schools, AEACS (k-5) and AEACMS (6-8). AEACS features a German/English immersion program.

Elementary School

In grades Kindergarten to five, 50 percent of the total instruction time including core subject instruction is taught exclusively in the German language. German and English instruction rotates weekly and is continuous. In this model an academically challenging learning environment is provided which brings children from two different language groups together to learn from and with each other in an integrated setting. In opposite weeks both immersion languages become the vehicle of instruction for all subjects offering students the opportunity to acquire a well-rounded language proficiency in both languages.

Middle School

3035 Ash St. – San Diego, Ca. 92102
Phone: 619-795-1190 – Fax: 619-795-1180