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Dr. Stephan Hollmann

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A new passport law has been in effect since Nov. 1, 2007. Under this new law, fingerprints also must be stored on a chip contained in German passports. This affects all passport applicants six years and older. It is therefore absolutely necessary that you personally go to the foreign mission responsible for your consular district to apply for the passport. This is not possible at the office of the Honorary Consul in San Diego.

Following the amendment of the German Money Laundering Act the German missions abroad can no longer notarize signatures or perform identity verification to open a new account, for loan applications of more than 15,000 EUR, or similar cases. This also applies to credit card applications.

Please contact the bank which sent you the documents on how to proceed.

Exempt from this new ruling are blocked accounts for foreign students who must apply for a student visa before entering Germany and who need to open an account in Germany in order to prove sufficient financial means for their stay in Germany.